My personal photographic evolution was born from my father’s vision when he reveled in passion with his camera during some Sunday outings or some important parties.

From a young age I observed him in the careful application of this tool and engaged in the study of classic poses with the end result that my mother always came in the same way in all the photos.

These were the years of‘70, years of change, of struggles, of austerity, of economic labours for a worker.

Everything that had value was untouchable to the quick hands of a ten-year-old boy, as was his camera, bought with many sacrifices and savings. I couldn’t even touch it because if I had unfortunately damaged this, we would no longer have been able to buy a new one.

One day, still early enough, my father is DEAD

Since then his camera has remained there and has not been touched anymore and still today, like an heirloom, he resides in the drawer where he kept it.

Very rarely I reopen and caress it, I still savor the smell of its leather case as if it were taking me back to those poor but beautiful and warm moments.

Then time passes for everyone and later I developed the true interest in this fantastic world.

. From that moment I intensified the idea of having to grow photographically. With the advent of digital photography photographing has become easier and a little more affordable. My personal photographic evolution has been enriched through courses, workshops, competitions, readings and comparisons

Over time I discovered in my photos a strong component of sadness, melancholy emotion, anguish, as if I wanted to hibernate the past at all costs; I need to do it, with simplicity, with clarity but with aptitude, in my own way. My friends joke with me that I’m a sad photographer and maybe they’re right. However, my shots are only the result of what I hear and want to tell. In this sense, the experience of my father’s untimely death and the abandonment of the beautiful adolescent world have deeply marked me. . I can say that in every photograph I have searched and still look for that age, those moments or everything that somehow brings back there, and maybe indirectly also my being.  Each shot is a new rebirth from a distant death; is to eternalize what may no longer exist tomorrow.

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