The broken Family

I have dedicated myself with passion creating a report on an important social problem. Once engaged, two lovers stare at their love padlock with their names engraved on it to declare before the world their desire, the power of that ardour, the will to challenge tomorrow . The promise in a lock to symbolically strengthen the desired eternal oath, the will to communicate it to the whole world that their bond will be indissoluble. For ever and ever !!!

The set of three elements gathered to form a heart bound together in the same purpose, in the same purpose, closed and sealed by a large chain as a bond or a service to be honored, which was promised in the past.

A magical moment in life is the arrival of a child, a special soul who has come into the world to accomplish a great task: to transform a couple into a family. What was before them will never return to that couple, turning it into a completely different life; that of mom and dad. Maybe the real meaning of life!

Years go by and each couple evolves over time and therefore may encounter a crisis, which sometimes, unfortunately, ends in a rupture. The lock, the one that held them together for years, opens up, and part of the chain goes away.

The other, however, remains there, motionless and suspended, filled with pain, disappointment, frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness of those who feel abandoned.

And here is the greatest suffering, that of a child who looks at the boundless horizon, as if trying to know what will become of him and of his future life.

(I will always be near you, my little one)…

For this reason I felt strongly the need to treat this social problem with a photographic reportage, that could give me the opportunity to expiate my emotion.