The photographer is someone who loves the beautiful, his beautiful; he is a full-fledged artist who uses the tool of photography as a means of expression , an artist who offers us a new vision on a new dimension, that seen from his eyes and his perception of what he lives in that moment. Photographic art expresses itself as an instant need to transmit a state of the soul, as if you were trying to pass that sensitivity that you feel in front of a scene.

And there are no particular subjects to ignite this emotion, there are only moments, almost intimate, to tell moments or unique scenarios that can not be shown.

Photographic art, like all arts, needs to be lived and shared because it needs to be fed to reach a higher stage. So it is not the subjects that define the photographic art but the gaze of the photographers.

Here is a series of works that want to represent this experience in so many of its fundamental differences.

“Who decides who is normal. Normality is an invention of who is without fantasy”.
(Alda merini)



Old style