I believe that this is a work generated by passion that must be undertaken by listening to what we like and what we do not like. And with humility I try to take pictures that represent me internally mixed with the requests of third party projects.

So, if in the multitude of enthusiasts and esteemed colleagues, you seek a sharing photo project that has a vein of perturbation and restlessness, melancholy and remembrance, I am very willing to listen to you and put myself in the game.

Remote and abandoned places, places of suffering and restlessness, of worship and recollection, of boundless sight and illusion, are my beloved scenarios, because I feel them, I see them, I carry them inside. All I can do is try to photographically interpret what I want through my essence. But sharing photographic project is also being able to exhibit in all those places that can interest my style, my photography.

I’d just be honored to be able to exhale what I print digitally. So I renew to all those who are interested in the various projects expressed to compile the forum here next to contact me.

sharing photo project

“There is no satisfaction in any good without a companion” (Seneca the younger)