Reflections of the soul

Occasionally more ordinary and everyday thoughts may unexpectedly seem singular and sinister to you. Imagine seeing common things seen so many times, but you’ve never noticed anything unusual, but this time they have set your imagination in motion. «But what is this meaning?»

Fear and dismay, or a new horizon of the soul? introspection, the only answer is silence and reflection. It is a useful method to approach our soul, which is the basis of our personal stability and allows us to explore our essence in depth and to make conscious changes. Intrusion not only helps us to know each other better, but also to respect, love and accept ourselves as we are.

Allowing your thoughts to retrace your steps, separating yourself from your emotions, realizing that your feelings, feelings and emotions related to your experiences are all creations of your inner self, is an extension of your mind.

Everything around you, for example, is just images created and interpreted by your inner self; therefore, by exploring the layers of your mind, you can achieve a greater understanding of the world in general and a new dimension

“When you lose contact with your inner calm, you lose contact with yourself. When you lose contact with yourself, you get lost in the world.” (Eckhart tolle)

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